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Welcome to the Web-Based Substance Abuse Perception of Care Survey demonstration. The survey was developed as an initiative of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)-supported Forum on Performance Measures and the Washington Circle. The survey has been designed with the key goals of being brief, feasible in the clinical practice environment, linked to opportunities for program improvement, and scientifically sound. A Web-based version of the survey has recently been developed to allow for maximization of efficiency in data collection and reporting and to provide programs with data to drive management decisions. Some of the functions of the website include user enrollment and management, data entry, reporting, data download.

If you are interested in information on the Substance Abuse Perception of Care Survey please contact assistance@modularsurvey.com.

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Demonstration Instructions

System Administrator Demo Organization Administrator Demo SDU Administrator Demo SDU Staff Demo

The System Administrator is responsible for overseeing the entire Substance Abuse Perception of Care Survey website. This individual may represent an organization with multiple treatment programs or a county-, State-, or National-level agency. The System Administrator initiates enrollment of organizations and has access to cross-organization reporting functions.

The Organization Administrator is the individual identified by the System Administrator as responsible for overseeing the website at the organization-level including enrollment of Service Delivery Units (SDUs) and initiating the survey cycle.

The Service Delivery Unit (SDU) Administrator the individual identified by the Organization Administrator as responsible for overseeing the website at the SDU-level. An SDU is single site offering a single level of care such as outpatient counseling or short-term residential treatment.

Service Delivery Unit (SDU) Staff are the individuals identified by the Organization or SDU Administrators as responsible for printing of surveys, data entry, and initiating the kiosk mode at the SDU.

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